Trustee Minutes 2023

Meeting DateDirect Link To Minutes in PDF format
4/6/2023April 3rd 2023 Regular Trustees Meeting
3/6/2023March 6th 2023 Regular Trustees Meeting
2/6/2023Feb 6th 2023 Regular Trustee Meeting and 1820 PUD
1/10/2023Minutes Jan 10th Trustee 1820 PUD hearing
1/4/2023January 4th 2023 Trustees Organization Meeting
1/4/2023January 4th 2023 Trustees Regular Meeting

Minutes 2022
Meeting DateDirect Link To Minutes in PDF format
12/5/2022Minutes-BOT 12-5-22 EXECUTED.pdf
12/28/2022Minutes-BOT 12-28-22 EXECUTED.pdf
11/7/2022Minutes-BOT 10/7/2022 Executed PDF
10/3/2022Minutes -BOT 10/3/2022 Executed.PDF
9/7/2022Minutes -BOT 9/7/22Executed PDF  
8/1/2022Minutes-BOT 8-1-22 Executed PDF
7/14/2022Minutes-BOT 7-14-22 EXECUTED.pdf
7/6/2022Minutes-BOT 7-6-22 EXECUTED.pdf
6/21/2022Minutes-BOT 6-21-22 EXECUTED.pdf

2022 Minutes Archive can be found here

2021 Minutes can be found here 

Minutes 2020 (Archives )

Jan 6 2020 Organization

Jan 6 2020 Regular Meeting

Jan 30th Special Meeting on TIFs

Feb 3rd Trustee Minutes 2020

March 2nd 2020 Regular Meeting Trustees

March 28th 2020 Special Meeting Trustees

April 15th 2020 Trustees Regular Meeting 

May Trustee Minutes

May 16th Special Meeting 

June 1st Regular Meeting

June 21st Special Meeting

September 9th

October 5th

Minutes 2019  (Also check Archives

January 4th 2019 Regular Meeting

January 4th 2019 Org Meeting

February 4th 2019 Regular Meeting

February 18th Trustees Special Meeting

March 4th Regular Trustees Meeting

April 1st  Regular Trustees Meeting

April 17th Special Trustees Meeting

June 3rd 2019 Regular Meeting

July 1 Regular Meeting

July 7th Emergency Meeting

July 12th Emergency Meeting

August 5th Regular Meeting

Sept 4th Regular Meeting

October 7th 2019 Regular Meeting

November 4th Regular Meeting

December 2nd Regular Meeting

December 7th Special Meeting

December 26th End of Year

Minutes 2018

January 3rd 2018 Business   ORG Meeting

January 15th 2018

February 5th Regular Meeting

March 5th Regular Meeting

April 2 2018 Regular Meeting

May 7th Regular Meeting

June 4 2018 Regular Meeting

July 2 2018 Regular Meeting

July 6 2018 Special Meeting

August 6th 2018 Regular Meeting

September 27th 2018 Special Meeting

October 1st 2018 Regular

October 22nd Special Meeting

September 5th 2018 Regular Meeting

November 5th 2018 Regular Meeting

Trustees Dec 3rd Regular Meeting

December 26th Trustees Year End Meeting


Trustee Minutes 2017

January 4th Organizational Meeting

January 4th 2017 Meeting

February 6th Meeting

March 6th Meeting

April 3rd Meeting

May 1st  Meeting

June 5th 2017 Meeting

July 3rd 2017 Meeting

August 7th 2017 Meeting

September 2017 Meeting

October 2nd 2017 Meeting

November 6th 2017 Meeting

December 4th 2017 Meeting

December 13th 2017 Meeting

December 26th 2017 Meeting



Minutes need to be approved by board before they will be made public