Notice to Residents - CARES Funding

Submitted by webadmin on Mon, 12/21/2020 - 02:27

December 18,2020

I would like to let the people of Jersey Township know that the Trustees are implementing much  needed updates to the building.    Due to the COVID-19 mandates, we have to update our IT Equipment  to accommodate virtual meetings.   Under the CARES ACT, we have received funding from the federal government passed down from the state.   Under House Bill 481 and Senate Bill 357 we can use the monies to increase the office size to accommodate 6’ distancing.   We are also using the funds to replace the furnace and air conditioning system to install a new filter system and ultraviolet light to kill virus and bacteria passing through.    The Men and Women’s restrooms will also be updated to have touchless fixtures.   We were given a very short deadline to meet the expenditures of these projects so we intend to do our best in accomplishing our much needed updates since the monies have become available.   These monies granted are to be used to help stop the spread of COVID-19.   Any Grant Money not used will be returned.