Zoning Fee Schedule REVISED

NOTE fee schedule used up to March 6th 2019 can be found here


Residential zoning permit fees

Residential New House

$125.00 for the first 1,000 sq.ft then its 10 cents per sq.ft additional including living spaces, basement, and attached garage.

Residential Additions 

$100 then 10 cents per sq.ft of floor space added.

Detached Residential Accessory Building
$50 then 10 cents per sq.ft

Fees for Commercial Building Permit  
$500 for the first 1,000 sq.ft then for the remaining 30 cents for every sq.ft for any part thereof   

Demolition Fee $75

Signs :
$100 plus $1 per sq.ft per side of use.

Zoning Change Application 

Variance / Conditional Use Board of Zoning Appeals


If a Court Reporter is required it will be at the expense of the Applicant.


PUD Fees 
All Overlay Zoning Applications $2,500 plus $100 per acre (effective April 7 2022)
Modifications $500

Basic Home Occupation Fee  $50