Statement Regarding Jersey Township Zoning Overlay Referendum Petition

Submitted by webadmin on Sat, 03/19/2022 - 17:06

Dear Neighbors,

Over the last six months, Jersey Township has been hard at work preparing for the changes being brought upon us by continued development pressures from the west, including most recently the Intel Project. One major effort was updating and refreshing our zoning regulations to include a zoning overlay district.  This district is specifically designed to help protect our community from even more annexation and empower our local landowners to better utilize their land in the way they desire.

As a community, we are working to build an economic base that will protect the financial stability of our Township. By developing this new, well-defined set of land use regulations, we get more of a say for what our future development looks like based on what our community wants … not just to have changes forced upon us from the outside. This overlay includes design standards to help beautify our main corridors and create a more natural transition from taller, similarly sized existing buildings to more neighborhood friendly development to the east. Also important, the new regulations expand the flexibility for existing owners who now have options-they can either keep using their land as they are now, or can take advantage of the new overlay zoning, if it is more desirable to them.

We made sure to listen to you and held several public input meetings that led to adjustments to the plan. The update was then approved by the Zoning Commission and the Board of Trustees. 

Unfortunately, now after we worked together to protect our Township and open up options that benefit our community in neighborhood friendly ways, a group is gathering signatures to stall this progress. This petition seeks to overturn these positive steps by forcing them to referendum on the election ballot. Let me be clear-I have heard and understand the concerns of the people that are working on the petition.  However, this is not the right move for our Township, especially given this time of great change, when the time for action to protect our community and plan for our future is now. Stalling just continues to leave Jersey Township defenseless against outside influences that don’t care about our community, and which continue to desire further uncontrolled ownership and annexation.

With the Intel Project moving forward at lightning speed, these new regulations better prepare and protect our community and put us in a stronger position to do what is in the best interest of the Township we call home.

I thought it was important to share this with you, my neighbors, as it affects all of us. It’s crucially important for our residents to understand why these changes have been made and the positive things they are designed to do for Jersey Township. I hope you join me in working for a better future for Jersey Township and our citizens.


Dan Wetzel

Township Trustee


Additional information about the approved zoning changes can be found on the Jersey Township website or by clicking this link: